Pile Breaker

The Dingli Pile Breaker is an advanced, efficient and time-saving system for cutting concrete outcrops and foundation piles.

For pile foundations, chipping concrete piles can be challenging, especially under strict site codes. Traditional manual methods are no longer suitable due to inefficiency and many other potential hazards. You will need a revolutionary method for removing concrete piles to cutoff level.

The Dingli Pile Breaker is an advanced, efficient and time-saving system for cutting concrete outcrops and foundation piles. The modular design makes it extremely easy for the pile breaker to break concrete piles of different diameters on the job site. Additionally, each module contains an individual cylinder and system. With the help of hydraulic pressure, the cylinder drives the drill rod to squeeze the pile. Due to this way of working, there will be no cracks and damage to the piles and reinforcement in the ground. In addition, air and noise pollution on construction sites will be significantly reduced thanks to the independent modular construction.

When it comes to the efficiency of our pile breakers, we have detailed data to back it up. The traditional crushing method generally takes one day to process a concrete pile. However, due to its automated process, the Dingli pile breaker is more than 10 times faster than traditional pile breaking processes.

Easy to assemble
The concrete pile breaker requires no special skills and is easy to operate and maintain. We will provide comprehensive installation and maintenance guidance. Our instructions include all the information you need to install and operate your pile breakers, ensuring you get the most out of them. We can also provide video guidance if necessary.

Simple and flexible way to use pile foundations
The pile breaker consists of 13 modules. Every module is the same. Different numbers of modules can be combined to form pile cutters with different pile diameters. In addition, with 4 adapters (extra purchase), you get a new square pile breaker for cutting square piles from 300mm to 500mm.

For large concrete piles up to 2m
The pile breaker consisting of 5 modules can cut piles of 40 to 50 cm. Furthermore, it has 13 modules and can break piles up to 2 meters in diameter.

Environmental protection, low noise, low dust.

Efficient and economical, cutting 20-100 piles per day.

Flexibly assemble modules like building blocks to accommodate piles of different diameters and shapes.

Convenient, the modules can be disassembled for transportation and assembly.

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