Hydraulic Rock Splitter

Dingli handheld hydraulic rock splitter is a kind of equipment used to split rock or concrete. Its appearance replaced blasting and conventional demolition methods.It breaks down rock or concrete without shock waves, vibration, noise and dust.

Dingli handheld hydraulic rock splitter is a device for splitting rock and concrete, which replaces blasting and conventional demolition methods. There is no shock waves, no vibration, no loud sound and no dust. It also has a very broad market in the natural stone mining industry. Over the years, Dingli handheld hydraulic rock splitter has achieved great success in China with its high quality, high performance and long useful life. At the same time, it has been exported to more than 30 countries. It enjoys a high reputation all over the world and has played a huge role in the global rock breaking field.


Rock and concrete have high external compressive strength, but little inside-out tensile strength, the tensile strength is far less than the compressive strength. Dingli handheld hydraulic rock splitter is developed based on this feature. First, drill a hole with appropriate depth and diameter. Second, insert the wedge of the splitter into it and align it to determine the splitting direction. Third, start the hydraulic power unit, the hydraulic power unit will output a pressure of 60Mpa to the splitter. The oil cylinder in the splitter can generate tens of tons of thrust, pushing the wedge to expand to both sides, and the expansion force can reach hundreds of tons, so that the rock or concrete can be split from the inside.


Dingli handheld hydraulic rock splitter is composed of a power unit and 1-6 pieces of splitters.


Controlled Static Forces.

Environmental protection
No noise and no dust.

Low maintenance cost

Small size, light weight, can be operated by one person, suitable for small space operations.

The splitting direction can be preset to ensure the working effect.

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